Range Repair

Ranges are one of the most versatile cooking appliances in your kitchen. Many meals require some preparation that can only be done on a range. Without a proper set of working ranges, you can’t even complete the simple task of boiling water for a basic meal or a cup of tea. Cooking is virtually impossible.

A faulty range can also pose a threat to the safety of your household, and improper repair can be dangerous. Always seek a qualified and experienced professional to repair your range or oven.

Is your range giving you difficulty? Although ranges may be seen as a simple appliance, they can encounter many problems. We work on all types and models of ranges, from electrical ranges to traditional gas powered ranges. Depending on the heating element of your range, your problems can vary. An electric range may not get hot enough, or at all, making it unusable to cook.

A gas-powered range may have issues with its supply valve, which can prevent it from turning on or off. Your burners may spark or be unable to produce a sufficient spark to ignite the flame. These problems can be caused by blockages or broken components that hamper the functioning of your range.

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A technician repairing Range appliance with a wrench and screw driver on him.

To find the exact cause of these problems we will need to examine your appliance and diagnose it.

We have the skills, expertise, and specialized equipment needed to repair your range safely and dependably. If replacement parts are needed for a broken component, we have the resources to find and supply it.

Some people avoid repairing their range because other burners on their range may be functioning. However, many problems you encounter with your range can be fixed quickly and with minimal disturbance. You shouldn’t spend a long time in discomfort with a faulty range, when a quick fix can be on its way. Don’t hesitate to contact us, the sooner we fix your range, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your kitchen.

A professional maintenance tip: always clean up spills on your range immediately after they happen. Understandably, while cooking spills and crumbs may accumulate on your range. This can build up over time and turn into a sticky residue. You may have difficulty cleaning it if you leave it over a lengthy period of time. This can cause blockages or cling to the metal and degrade its surface. It is best to clean it as soon as possible to avoid these problems. ​​