Ice Maker Repair

Is your ice maker having problems producing ice? We help repair various brands, models, and styles of ice maker appliances. Whether it is a professional grade stand-alone ice maker, or a built-in ice maker on your refrigerator, we have the skill and experience to repair it. Is your ice maker not producing enough ice? Is it not producing any ice at all? We can help.

Problems with your ice maker affects your daily kitchen routine. You no longer have the ease of enjoying a cold beverage on a hot summer day or preparing shakes and ice creams with your family. Don’t miss out on the comforts a ready-made ice maker can provide, because of malfunctions we can easily help you fix.

Is the dispenser of your ice maker broken? Your appliance may be producing ice well, but you just don’t have access to it. Alternatively, your ice maker may not be receiving a steady flow of water, which can prevent it from producing ice quickly and efficiently. All of these problems can be caused by various failures. Blockages in the water flow or ice compartments, broken components or circuitry malfunctions.

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An Ice Maker appliance with many ice cubes inside.

No need to worry, we have the equipment and expertise to fix mechanical and electrical problems like these.

We can source needed parts and replace them, or manually fix and unclog blockages. Contact us today, and we will diagnose your problem and work with you to resolve it.

Are you having other disturbing problems with the ice from your ice maker? The ice it produces may smell or taste bad, this can cause discomfort and be an embarrassing occurrence when you’re entertaining guests. It can also be a sign that there are impurities or unwanted materials in the water being funneled to your ice maker, which can be unhealthy to consume.

A professional maintenance tip: clean the filter to your ice maker or refrigerator. A build up of material in your filters may prevent it from working efficiently and allow impurities to pass through. Simply cleaning the filter can rectify this problem and prevent your ice from tasting bad. Depending on your model, you may have to clean or change you filter at different intervals, check your manual for more information.

​Keeping your appliances up to date on repairs and cleanings will help prevent problems in the future. Maintenance is key, so make sure you consult your owner’s manual for more information regarding the upkeep of your ice maker.