Dryer Repair

Dryers, much like washing machines, have become a very important part of modern day life. Without a proper dryer, your clothes can remain damp and begin to smell dirty. This can be not only uncomfortable, but embarrassing.

Most households also don’t have any space allocated to hang clothes to air dry if it becomes necessary. It is also completely unfeasible to air dry clothes in some modern housing units, such as multilevel apartments. If your dryer breaks down, you will likely be left to air dry your clothes to the best of your abilities. This can quickly become an uncomfortable arrangement.

Is your dryer making strange noises? Is it becoming too hot to the touch? These can be signs of an underlying problem. If problems like these are left unchecked, they may escalate and develop into bigger problems in the future.

Dryers may break down for a variety of reasons. A component can be broken after years of use, or damage can be sustained during a move. Electrical components such as circuitry can also become damaged during a power surge. Your dryer can stop spinning or refuse to start, this can be caused by a worn out or damaged belt. In such cases we can source a replacement part and replace it ourselves.

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A technician repairing dryer appliance with a screw driver holding.

A dryer may also take longer to dry your clothes the older it gets.

In some cases it may even leave your clothes damp. This can be due to a lack of air flow, which could indicate it is time to clean the vents and exhaust areas of the dryer. Depending on the problem, there are a variety of ways to repair any given dryer.

We work with many different brands, models, and styles of dryers. We are experienced and skilled in appliance repair, and we have the tools and resources to repair your machine quickly and efficiently. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

A professional maintenance tip: clean the dryer’s vent and lint trap frequently. This is a major area of concern, as a dirty lint trap can lead to dryer fires. This can be a very dangerous threat to your household and your belonging, as fires like this can spread quickly and become volatile.

Always ensure you keep track of your dryer’s lint and debris build up, and clean it regularly. To prevent problems like this, you can schedule a vent cleaning with us every 6 – 12 months. For further information consult your owner’s manual.