Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are common place in most modern day homes. They provide an important service, capable of cleaning a whole family’s worth of dishes daily, they save more than a few hours in house chores a week. This invaluable time could be spent with family members, or just having a little extra time in preparing and enjoying your meals together. When a dishwasher stops working, it puts a halt to your whole daily routine.

Has your dishwasher stopped working? Suddenly one evening your dishwasher could refuse to start, for no discernable reason. Or perhaps worse, it may only do half the job, leaving you to dry the dishes after a cleaning or even rewash dirty dishes. This can be time consuming and cause you to do double the work without providing any assistance.

More pressing matters may also present themselves. Is your dishwasher stuck on a cycle, not draining, or even leaking? This should be consulted as soon as possible. Problems like these may seem small, but if left unchecked they can grow into major concerns. Even if it is not immediately harmful, a minor malfunction can become worse and more difficult or costly to fix if left alone.

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A technician repairing Dish-washing appliance with a wrench and screw driver on him.

A malfunctioning dishwasher like this can leak into your basement and destroy your floors.

It can also pose a threat to your electrical devices or outlets. This can rack up collateral expenses in the long run and end up costing way more than simply fixing the dishwasher at the onset of these warning signs would have.

At this point, what’s the use of having a dishwasher when you can’t possibly use it. These problems can be caused by malfunctioning circuitry and a broken component in the dishwasher. Don’t live in this discomfort, when a fix can be on its way. Contact us and we will examine, diagnose, and repair your dishwasher as soon as possible.

As trained professionals we have the expertise, experience, and equipment needed to confront any problem your dishwasher may pose. We can perform manually repairs, or if a replacement is needed, we have the resources to source and replace it ourselves.

A professional maintenance tip: most dishwashers come with screens and traps made to collect bigger food debris. It is important to clean these components thoroughly and frequently, as they may become clogged over time. A clog like this may cause leaks or become worse over time and make the dishwasher run slower while expending more energy. Consult your owner’s manual for more information.